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Mother Nurture Custom Orthotic

The first and only custom orthotics designed just for pregnant women.

The first and only custom orthotics
designed just for pregnant women.

Created by mothers, for mothers.

The Mother Nurture Multi-Part Custom Orthotics System is uniquely designed to help:

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Stabilize and align
a woman’s body during the evolving changes of pregnancy

Mother Nurture helps reduce mother's pain

Minimize low back and pelvic girdle pain
decrease dizziness and fatigue

Mother Nurture Benefits

Establish optimal health conditions
for the mother and her developing child


The 3 Stages of Mother Nurture

The Mother Nurture Custom Orthotics System is a multi-part solution with three sets of orthotics, each designed specifically for a separate stage of pregnancy. Each pair is custom crafted for your feet. Plus a bonus foot roller (shown below).

Trimester 2


The Mother Nurture Trimester Two custom orthotics are carefully designed to provide the necessary support and stability so you can feel your most vibrant:

  • Tan suede top cover for comfort

  • StanceGuard™ support system for weight-bearing, which extends all the way to the heel to help counteract the effects of plastic deformation

  • Firmer level of correction for greater support

  • Lightweight, thin, and flexible to accommodate swollen feet, while still allowing you to wear your favorite shoe styles

All Mother Nurture orthotics can fit into most shoes with a removable factory insole. They can easily be moved from shoe to shoe as needed.

Trimester 3

Mother Nurture Custom Orthotic 3rd Trimester

The Mother Nurture Trimester Three custom orthotics are specially designed to help you stay aligned and supported during this phase of intense transition as your baby’s birth draws near:

  • Cinnamon suede top cover for comfort

  • StanceGuard™ support system for weight- bearing, which extends all the way to the heel to counteract the effects of plastic deformation

  • More aggressive level of corrections to address your forward-shifted center of gravity

  • Lightweight, thin, and flexible to accommodate swollen feet, while allowing you to still wear your favorite shoe styles 

All Mother Nurture orthotics can fit into most shoes with a removable factory insole. They can easily be moved from shoe to shoe as needed.


Mother Nurture Custom Orthotic 3rd Trimester

The Mother Nurture Postpartum custom orthotics are uniquely designed to help support and align your body to allow you to respond to the physical challenges of motherhood, returning to work, and other activities:

  • Gray suede top cover for comfort

  • DRSX™ support system – Ultimate comfort and protection and improved performance. Premium support for all three arches plus added heel shock

  • Additional cushioning in heel for enhanced shock absorption at heel strike

  • Lightweight, thin, and flexible so you can wear them in your favorite footwear styles like flats and athletic shoes

All Mother Nurture orthotics can fit into most shoes with a removable factory insole. They can easily be moved from shoe to shoe as needed.


Foot Roller

(included in the Mother Nurture Custom Orthotics System)

Helps relieve pain and discomfort while enhancing the break-in process. Use it: Throughout pregnancy and any time after baby is born

What Makes the NEW Mother Nurture™ Custom Orthotics System by Foot Levelers

Every woman inhabits three very different bodies as she progresses through her pregnancy and post-pregnancy phases.

  • Mother Nurture™ is the first and only custom orthotic for pregnant women.

    Unlike cheap, off-the-shelf insoles with generic sizing and support, they’re only available from doctors. That's because custom orthotics are like eyeglasses. They should come from a knowledgeable healthcare provider who'll examine you and determine your correct prescription.

    That’s very important because your foot structure is unique like your fingerprint. The correction that works for someone else might not be right for you. Those insoles sold online and in retail stores don’t provide the specific stability and support your body needs. Using them could even put your body at risk and cause you to feel worse.

    Foot Levelers orthotics are the only ones that support all three arches of your feet for optimal comfort and stability. This is crucial during pregnancy when a woman’s center of balance is continually changing.

  • Shoe-friendly fit. Streamlined style to fit your favorite footwear

    Mother Nurture orthotics are made of durable, high-quality materials that stand up to women’s busy lives. The streamlined design allows them to be worn in a wide variety of popular shoe styles. 

    Wearing well-made, supportive shoes during pregnancy is a great idea. But even the best shoes don’t align and balance the body the way custom orthotics do. Mother Nurture orthotics can be worn inside your existing shoes, so you don’t have to buy special pregnancy footwear when you’re expecting.

  • Support based on scientific data

    Mother Nurture is much more than cushy comfort. The design of the orthotics in the system is based on proven science to align and balance your entire body. Not only does proper alignment feel better, it’s crucial to good health. 

    The Mother Nurture System is based on 70 years of chiropractic innovation. Patients from around the world have trusted the results of their Foot Levelers orthotics.  

Changing Biomechanics
during pregnancy

Starting in Trimester Two, the body will begin to produce increasing amounts of the hormone relaxin. This natural chemical softens the connective tissues between skeletal bones. While the loosening between bones is helpful for delivery, it can also cause joint laxity and instability. In the foot, this may result in plastic deformation, where all three arches permanently collapse and throw the body off balance.

Mothers changing biomechanics

Hear what other women are saying about the Mother Nurture System:

The additional support has been wonderful and helped with my low back pain. When I'm not struggling with low back pain, it makes it easier to stay active and fight fatigue.

I recognized the need for a custom maternity orthotic when I was pregnant with my first child. I was one of the first users of the Mother Nurture System when I was pregnant with my second. I have experienced the difference that customized support makes during the various stages of pregnancy, and I am thrilled that this life-changing solution is now available for mothers-to-be!

I feel like my whole body is being supported, not just my feet.

The orthotics have definitely helped to increase my productivity so that I am less tired. The support is an amazing feeling.

More support in my back was a great benefit from using the orthotics. I am experiencing less pain and more comfort.

Mother Nurture path to a healthy motherhood

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Mother Nurture and Pregnant Mothers

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