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Orthotics proven to help low back pain. Add power to your step.

The Science Behind Stabilizing Custom Orthotics

Foot Levelers Stabilizing Custom Orthotics were developed by a Doctor to treat the body as a functional unit, starting with the feet. Custom Orthotics add power to your step by supporting the three arches in each foot to provide a balanced foundation and protect and support through all phases of gait. The Gait Cycle System® is patented and is only available from Foot Levelers.

US Patent Number 6,510,626

Gait Cycle System®+DRS

Orthotics proven to help low back pain

3 Arch Advantage: Support for your 3 Arches

The feet are the foundation of the body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the plantar vault.

Download the "Degrees of Pronation" Infographic

This educational infographic on pronation explains three different phases (or degrees) of pronation (mild, moderate, severe), the 3 arches of the foot, how to know if your feet are pronated, and steps you should take to treat pronation.

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Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics


An orthotic for everyday and everything.

The InMotion® is our best and most recommended custom orthotic for all situations.

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Orthotics for Work

For comfort at work while providing support for shoes with a narrow toebox.

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Orthotics for Athletes

Shock absorption and lightweight materials keeping feet cool and dry – so you can get a step ahead of your competition.

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All Day

Orthotics for those on their feet all day.

On your feet most, if not all, of the day? Choose an orthotic for comfort and support.

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The Orthotic for Everyday and Everything.

#1 Doctor Recommended Custom Made Orthotic

The Foot Levelers InMotion® is our #1 most popular and doctor recommended custom orthotic – and for good reason. Get added strength and stamina for improved performance, plus strong odor and moisture control to keep you feeling your best. InMotion® helps you excel, no matter where the day takes you.


Orthotics for Work

InMotion full and Dress length custom orthotic
InMotion® Full and Dress Length

The InMotion®is a great choice for your orthotic. In addition to all the features packed into one orthotic, the InMotion® also comes in both full and dress lengths allowing you to use it in virtually any shoe – from athletic to work boot to casual to flats. No wonder the InMotion® is the #1 most recommended custom orthotic on the planet!

Orthotic for women
5th Avenue Orthotics for Women

5th Avenue collection, a line of custom orthotics designed by women for women. The new 5th Avenue Stabilizing Orthotics are designed to provide comfort, support, and pain relief for women in flats and heels up to two inches.

Orthotic for work
Dress Luxury Orthotic

A great option for even the sleekest-fitting of dress shoes. Durable yet forgiving Lambson™ leather protects the feet from the demands of a hectic day at the office. 3 Arch Advantage™ helps keep the body supported and performing optimally.

Step Ahead of the Competition

Custom orthotics specifically designed for athletes at varying skill levels and age.
InMotion custom orthotic
InMotion® Custom Orthotic

The InMotion® is also a great choice if you play sports or are very active. The top cover material has added moisture wicking for odor control and comfort. InMotion® is the #1 most recommended custom orthotic on the planet!

XP3+ custom orthotic for serious athletes
XP3+ Custom Orthotic for Extreme Athletes

The XP3+ orthotic for athletes is guaranteed to provide results through the toughest, longest competitions. Perfect for the extreme endurance athlete like marathon runners, triathletes and more.

XP3 custom orthotic for athletes
XP3 Orthotic for Athletes

Maximize speed, agility, and performance with our XP3 athletic orthotic. This innovative orthotic is designed to stand up to the most extreme of athletic challenges without added weight or bulk.

CPOYA custom orthotic for young athletes
CPOYA™ Orthotic for Young Athletes

Increase performance and help prevent injuries in young athletes with the CPOYA™ orthotic. Revolutionary MPAX™ technology absorbs up to 90% of shock – shielding the the joints and muscles from stress.

All Day Comfort Orthotics

For those who find themselves on their feet most of the day.
restaurant workers standing all day
InMotion orthotic
InMotion® Custom Orthotic

The InMotion®is a very comfortable yet durable and supportive orthotic. Great if you are on your feet all day long.

comfortable orthotic
Comfort Top Orthotics

For those on their feet all day, our Comfort functional orthotics can help. The Comfort orthotic offers our signature 3 Arch Advantage™ support for the body with the ultimate ‘cushy’ feel for the feet.

IntelliSense™ Smart Orthotic
IntelliSense™ Smart Orthotic

Warm in the Winter. Cool in the Summer. For every season, we’ve got the perfect orthotic.

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